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Today, as it's clear almost each repair begins with making plastic windows. Plastic windows are absolutely tight that provides high enough level of a thermal protection in apartments. Besides, plastic windows possess sufficiently high sound insulation that today isespecially actual in particular in the conditions of a city and bustling streets. Besides mentioned above plastic windows are also stylishly looking, giving to apartment special colour, and considering that fact today many firms offer the clients plastic windows in absolutely various colour scores, it will not takeabsolutely any work to pick up the variant most suitable particularly for your dwelling .

The process of plastic windows manufacturing does not assume use of any harmful components that is why it is possible to assert that plastic windows are ecologically absolutely safe and never allocate in atmosphere any ecologically dangerous substances.

It is also remarkable enough that polyvinylchloride which is used for of plastic windows manufacturing does not burn, but only melts. Thus, establishing windows from plastic, you somehow protect the dwelling from a fire.

Is not less important, that plastic windows are sufficiently strong and if applying some additional measures, they will reliably protect your apartment from gatecrashers.

And, at last, plastic windows practically do not require any special leaving. They do not demand regular painting, do not collapse at all, adjoining to an environment and their surface does not burn out on solar to light. Thanks to that plastic windows serve long (about 50 years) , keeping thus almost protogenic appearance.




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